2011, year in review

by Alison on January 9, 2012

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Since I posted the 2010 year in review video made by Google last year, I figured I would do the same this year. I don’t know what it is about these videos, but I think they are so moving. Enjoy!

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review


photo courtesy of blog.officebums.com

1) facebook is not the place for too much information. i wish there was a way to filter out these types of posts because there are certain things that the general public does not want to know about. for instance, we do not want to know about your daughter’s horrible diarrhea. i understand that as a mother, you want to help her and since you can’t, you need a place to vent. but please, for the love of god, i don’t need details. say that she’s sick. i do not need to know the graphic details. not to mention, years from now when she’s a teenager, i doubt she’ll appreciate you divulging such details to everyone. that’s the equivalent of talking about her period in the middle of the food court at the mall. she would be mortified. also, i doubt your husband would appreciate you telling all of your closest acquaintances that he’s pissing out of his ass as well. just saying…

2) two words. spell check.

3) i do not care what you are cooking in your crock pot. cooking in a crock pot takes about the same amount of skill as throwing a bunch of shit in a bowl and standing there for 8 hours. good for you. also, pictures are not necessary either. unless you are starting a crock pot cooking blog (kudos?), we don’t need to see a picture of whatever concoction you’re basically allowing to heat up all day. save the food posts for culinary masterpieces. i could post about the amazing pot of ramen noodles that i made last night, but nobody cares.

4) the trend of incessantly posting pictures of overdone quotes is getting old really fast. i thought the blinky gif went the way of myspace but oh how wrong i was.

5) please stop constantly gushing about how great your boyfriend/girlfriend is and how much you just love them when you’ve been together for a whole 3 weeks, which is coincidentally about how long your last 10 relationships with OMG THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVERRRRRR lasted before you were wronged horribly and posted all of the gory details on facebook.

6) i am very happy for you and your new little bundle of joy. but PLEASE allow for the nurses to give him/her a bath before you take a picture and post it on facebook. posting a picture of your baby covered in all kinds of fluids is just wrong. go ahead and post that you had the baby and there are pics to come but for the sake of our gag reflexes, post a pic of a clean baby so we can “ooooh” and “ahhh” and not “ewww” and “bleeeeehhhh”.

photo courtesy of audiokitty.posterous.com

7) please stop posting 8 million pictures of yourself that you took with the camera at arms length. also, please stop posting 8 million pictures of yourself that you took with the camera at arms length while your free hand is making a peace sign and you are sporting the infamous duck face. i once was friends with someone who had an entire album of these pictures. over 100 pictures of duck face peace signs. who has that kind of time?

8) see also, mirror pictures. just stop.

9) typin lyk dis iz annying n jst mkes teh rest of us thnk u r stoopid. also, if you’re arguing with someone and use excessive punctuation (such as !!!!!!!! at the end of every sentence), nobody takes you seriously.

10) and i absolutely cannot wait for another song related to friday or the weekend to come out so that one particular person will be slightly more creative for about a week. right now, like clockwork, she posts “cheers to the freakin weekend” every. single. friday. we get it. you like the weekend. you also like shitty music. in all fairness, it’s better than that period of time where she posted lyrics from that rebecca black song we all loved so much. or that other period of time when it seemed as though she posted “windows down, system up” every time she was in her car. come on, i know you can be more creative than that! and also, stop texting and driving!

i know, i know… why not just delete these people? i honestly don’t know. maybe somewhere deep inside, i am morbidly entertained when i see that she’s posted the same rihanna lyric for the 27th friday in a row. mostly it’s because it’s not one person committing these acts over and over again, but rather multiple people doing the same thing, which makes others think it’s acceptable. is it par for the course of our current society which thinks people want to know every little thing that’s on our minds? (says the girl with the blog, but i digress…)

i have no idea how to end this post other than /rant.


13 days, 2 hours, 26 minutes, and 13 seconds until i am on a plane to las vegas.

i. can’t. WAIT!

to say that the last few weeks of work have been hell on earth really wouldn’t convey just how much i have hated it lately. i actually tweeted yesterday that i’m looking forward to my surgery next week just so i have half a day off. that is super super sad.

so i’m sitting here at work, having a very rare not-so-horrible day, and i start thinking about my upcoming trip and all the crap J and i have planned and now i’m all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with excitement and, you know how i always say i never have anything to blog about? holy crap, i can blog about our plans! why did it take me so long to think of that?

photo courtesy of lasvegastvshow.net

now, i had asked all of my friends and family if they would like to go and lots of people said they would love to and quite a few said they definitely would. but you know how life has a tendency of getting in the way? that happened. i get it though and i’m not upset in the least. i understand that asking people to shell out lots of dollars to go on a trip to celebrate me is asking a lot. it wasn’t that i wanted people to pay buttloads of money to go on an alipalooza-style trip (not that i would be against that… wink!) but i thought it would be fun to get all of my bestest friends together in sin city. and when i say “fun”, i obviously mean “shit show”. because that is exactly what it would have been. (again, not that i’m against that! sometimes i think “shit show” should be my middle name.)

life happens and now it’s just me and J going to las vegas for 6ish days so we’re making plans. it’s a lot easier to make plans when it’s just you and one other person. last time we were in vegas, we basically had no plans. we saw phantom of the opera at the venetian after i drunkenly bought tickets while waiting in baggage claim after we landed. we explored most of the casinos that J wanted to see. we gambled here and there. and i don’t think we had one beverage the entire time that wasn’t alcoholic. and we paid for it for a little while after we got back to pittsburgh.

photo courtesy of starlinetours.com

this time, we’re coming up with a battle plan. so we started brainstorming (in all fairness, these were mostly his ideas) and came up with some really fun things to do while we’re out there. we decided we wanted to see the hoover dam on my birthday, but we didn’t want to pay for one of those tours from vegas to the dam and we also wanted to be able to go, see what we want to see, and then leave whenever we want. so we’re going to rent a car and drive there ourselves. we’re looking into getting a mustang convertible, which i’m really excited about because that will make it a lot easier to take pictures of the scenery on the way there and back. we’re also going to see if we can check out some things around lake meade while we’re there. all of this is actually going to be cheaper than those tours are and dude, i need gambling cash!

photo courtesy of lasvegashotel.com

over the next two days, we plan on checking out the top of the stratosphere, which i’m a little nervous about. i am not the biggest fan of heights and in case you don’t know, the stratosphere is pretty damn high. like 1,149 feet high. there are all of these rides on the top of the tower that i have absolutely no interest in because i have absolutely no interest in peeing my pants. so we’re going to go a little on the tamer side and go on the roller coaster at new york new york instead. i’ve watched some youtube videos and that one is a lot more my speed. we also want to hit up fremont street and possibly go ziplining. there are some other hotels that J wants to see that we didn’t get to last time as well. and i also plan on getting my first tattoo!

and then J came up with the most ridiculously awesome idea and i am so ridiculously excited for it that it should be ridiculously illegal. we are renting another car and driving to…


photo courtesy of citypictures.org

neither of us has been to los angeles. neither of us has even been to california. it’s only like a four hour drive from las vegas. so we are pumped. the pens are playing the LA kings that weekend and, since nobody in LA cares about hockey, tickets are super cheap. there is SO MUCH that i want to see when we’re there and i am definitely sad that we probably won’t be able to squeeze it all into one day but i can’t even express how excited i am. i just… can’t.



it’s go time. but i am le tired…

by Alison on October 10, 2011

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there are 22 days until i leave for vegas. 22 days, 51 minutes and 15 seconds, according to the little counter i have on my computer at work. 30 by 30 has been an epic fail. i don’t know what it is, but every time i consciously try to lose weight, i either maintain or i gain. i’ve been maintaining but i’m not happy about it. the last few months have been somewhat stressful so it’s been hard to worry about things like a diet. i know, that’s just another excuse. but whatever. this was my challenge and i failed and the only person i have to answer to in regards to my failure is myself. so bleh!

although i’m not 30 yet. i still have time to make some progress. so that’s the new goal. “progress” by 30. ah, adaptation… but i’m hitting it hard. i’m being super strict. i’m severely curbing what i eat for at least the next 22 days and really cutting back on the alcohol. i swear i’m not an alcoholic but a lot of the things i’ve been doing the last couple of weeks involved a lot of drinking and that’s not good for the waistline.

J and i went to bethany beach one weekend, just to get away. i hadn’t been to the beach yet this summer so one unseasonably cold weekend in september, we rented a beach house that belongs to his family’s friend and went away for a few days. it was nice to get away together and kind of reconnect after a couple of rough weeks. even though it was cold and rainy for the majority of the weekend, we still had a really good time. we sat on the beach that friday and enjoyed the only day of sun and warmer temperatures. saturday, it rained all day but his brother drove in from DC as well as a friend of mine. we watched college football, explored some bethany shops and then went to dinner. sunday was the long, sad drive back to reality.

last year, my old college roommates and i decided to have a reunion of sorts in state college, where we all went to school. it was so much fun so we planned another one for this year. the first weekend in october, J and i drove to state college to meet up with them for the penn state football game and some bar hopping. we hit all of my favorite spots (and some i didn’t care for back in the day but i like them now): the g-man, mad mex, saloon, and the brewery. we’re already talking about what weekend we want to reserve for next year’s reunion!

this past weekend was J’s birthday and we had a lot of fun things planned. i made him irish car bomb cupcakes, which turned out to be amazing! and they’re completely from scratch – cupcakes, filling, icing and all! i know, i’m proud of me too! friday night, we went to the casino with some friends. i watched my friend’s band play while J did some gambling with some of his friends that stopped down. i was still getting over a cold and all the smoke in the casino wasn’t helping so i ended up feeling kinda blah, but J still had a good time. we stopped at a bar on the way home and i bought him his very first shot as a 29 year old. because i’m a great girlfriend. and it’s fun to get him drunk. saturday was J’s actual birthday. we played softball in the morning and then went to the pub for his birthday party. a lot of people came out for him and it’s safe to say he had a good time even though my memory is a little fuzzy after a few too many drinks and no dinner. oops. he’s never had a birthday party at the pub and was unaware that it would involve people handing him a shot every half hour or so. good times. on sunday, we went to the steeler game. it was such a gorgeous day! we had great seats and the steelers won! and then, the nap that put all other naps to shame. since i’ve kinda been sick all weekend and i was kind enough to also give J my cold for his birthday, we were both pretty beat. i still wish i was sleeping and not at work. stupid columbus day making me jealous of all the people that work for the government and banks that have today off!

i’m hoping that this weekend is a little calmer than the last two have been. J is off again (3 weekends in a row!) so who knows what kind of shenanigans we’ll get into. all i know is, i’m hoping for LOTS of sleep this week…


dirty nerdy flirty thirty

by Alison on September 21, 2011

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soooooooooooooooo yeah. i will be 30 years old soon. *shudders*

in keeping with the last 3 years of this blog, i decided to make a wish list for my birthday. i’ve been keeping track of things on amazon but how much fun would it be if i just posted a link here? NONE! that’s how much. so without further ado…

(sidenote: we get expensive as we grow older. yikes!)

tires new tires
i need new tires bad. i’m pretty sure the ones i’m driving on now came on the car when it was first built. and i slid around entirely too much last winter. these tires were recommended by other mazda3 drivers in a forum so, that’ll do. i am so nerdy.

coach a coach purse
i mean, why not? i might end up buying one while i’m in vegas as a 30th birthday present to myself.

lens a 50mm lens
there’s another nikkor 50mm lens on amazon for like $100 cheaper but the auto focus doesn’t work on my camera. of course. regardless, want.

bed a new bed frame
my bed SUCKS. it’s not very comfy and it is so noisy. when i’m sleeping and i toss and turn a bit, it creaks so loud that it wakes me up. not a fan. i’d like a new mattress too but… baby steps.

chanel chanel chance – eau de parfume
i’m almost out. i can’t be havin that. i realize $100 is a lot to spend on liquid that smells like awesome but the current bottle i have has lasted me over a year and a half. totally worth it.

macbook a 13″ macbook pro
what, you don’t want to spend $1000 on me? I WOULD DO IT FOR YOU! if i had it. i swear!

tv a new tv
i have an old tube tv that isn’t doing very well. the upper left corner and bottom right corner of the screen is purple. probably time for an upgrade.

or – OR! – you could just buy me a drink to aid in me forgetting that i’m turning 30. what do old people drink? hot toddies? rob roys? vodka and prune juice? ugh, that would create all kinds of issues…

(all images courtesy of amazon.com)


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today i went running for the third time this week and it felt amazing! i only ran a little over a mile but i actually ran the entire way. i’ve never been a runner, even when i was playing soccer in high school and college. i just never had the endurance. and the first two [...]

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30 by 30 update and a little positivity

by Alison July 28, 2011

i feel the need to write something here to move that last post down. holy debbie downer! also, accountability. i blame aunt flow. or, well, the mood changes that occur prior to her visit. i also blame her for never having weighed myself for the start of 30 by 30. however, the last two weeks [...]

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by Alison July 8, 2011

my blog as well as my host’s blog came down with a virus and we’re in the process of fixing it so… excuse the mess while i work on this. thanks!

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the worst dream ever and happy 100th blog post to meeeee!

by Alison June 23, 2011

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